The Group's aim is to identify, survey, protect and promote geological and geomorphological sites in the former County of Avon - the modern unitary authorities of Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. RIGS are selected for their educational, research, historical and aesthetic value.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Public lecture at the Wills Memorial Building, Bristol - 13th March

WEGA - the West of England group of the Geologists' Association

Medical origins of the Geological Society

Dr Cherry Lewis - Bristol University

Tuesday 13th March - 7.30pm

Cherry Lewis' interests lie in the history of geology and she has published a popular science book on the history of dating the age of the Earth entitled: 'The Dating Game: One Man's Search for the Age of the Earth'. Cherry’s talk will cover the origins of the Geological Society of London, which was founded on 13 November 1807 – the oldest such society in the world. Founding members include James Parkinson (1755-1824) who gave his name to Parkinson's Disease.

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