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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Saltford RIGS and Geology Trail

Saltford RIGS and Geology Trail : – Exposures Exposing Work Continues in 2016 
Progress Report -- & Advertising of the Exposing Work to Continue to its ‘Cotham Marble Conclusion’, and the further great enjoyable opportunity to be a part of the work: later in the year …. Watch this space! …..As we local keen geo folk : Dig for Marble ! 

About a month back, - earliest Spring (just about!?) -, a very good and keen team spirited group of a few (human! , not JCB) diggers, joined, over a few nourishing and warming flasks of sustenance, and dug happily for several hours, from a nice relaxed 10.30 or 11 am start.

Good progress has now been made, over two work days, to provide a great example exposure to tell the story of Saltford Geology, in a Trail, to be set up by local man, and well known palaeo man, Simon Carpenter, as shown in the photos here. In good relaxed friendly geology keenness fashion all 5 or 6 on the team on the 2nd work day, some weeks back now, near the Bristol to Bath cycle path, gathered and dug. …..Keen to unearth more of the wonders of the special and definitely Regionally Important geology found in Saltford. 

For more detail on the special geology of Saltford there are leads on our Avon RIGS pages & also here linked below, for e.g., you could read up within : 




And page 270 in this reference, on Late Triassic – Early Jurassic strata, for more on the Cotham Marble and other strata of the area: 


Simon (Carpenter) leading the way from the top of the embankment, which lies to the north of the former railway cutting, digging downwards through the strata, exposing a very good section,… towards the Cotham Marble bed….. To be hit very soon now, we hope…next Work Day! 

-Do join us. The more the keen hands the better.

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