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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Geo-gardening at Trendlewood Quarry, Nailsea

Geo-gardening - Sunday 3rd February 2013

On Sunday 3rd February 2013 a Joint Gardening Force (JGF) from Friends of Trendlewood Park (FoTP) and Avon RIGS Group descended on Trendlewood Quarry in Nailsea and proceeded to spend a few hours clearing ivy and other encroaching vegetation from the lower parts of the quarry face in three areas.

Before worked started. Photo credits: Richard Kefford. More photos at
These three areas were selected to demonstrate the differing bedding types – from varves to massive -  in this Pennant Sandstone of the Downend Formation and the differing types of deposition – point bars and channel deposits.

Geo-gardeners at work

This is the first part of the implementation of the quarry management plan that was agreed at a site meeting between N Somerset Council, Friends of Trendlewood Park and Avon RIGS Group. The second part which will be carried out by the N Somerset Green Team will consist of clearing the upper levels of the face and removing a few selected trees that are in danger of falling and have extended their roots into the joints and fissures rock close to the face and so are damaging the exposure.

Meeting one of the site natives

See here for details of the geology of this site and its location.

A cleared area on one face
Richard Kefford

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